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Best of Both Worlds

Can’t decide between a metal bottletree and a natural wooden one? Why not have both?

This past weekend we met Peggy, who lives on Wyngate Drive in Hillsborough. Several years ago, she bought a metal bottletree at the Raleigh Farmers Market. Metal trees have a lot of benefits — they come in many beautiful artistic forms, they last indefinitely, you can move them around to suit your yard, and you can take them with you if you move.

wyngate dr bottletree 1

However, some folks love the more natural look of a wooden bottletree made from a dead tree or fallen limb. Peggy has a large cypress tree in her yard that died, and decided to turn that one into a bottletree too. Now she has the best of both worlds!

Peggy told us that growing up, she saw bottletrees as simply ornamental. It wasn’t until later on that she learned more about the folklore surrounding the trees. She said,

I grew up in rural Orange County, and had instilled in me the ‘make something beautiful out of what you have available’ mindset.  Money was tight, so nature and a few discards of one sort or another always provided the basis for something beautiful to come.

Bottletrees are indeed one of the earliest examples of found art, or upcycled/recycled art. It makes each one unique and beautiful.

wyngate bottletree 2

Some of these bottles are stuck onto branches, and in addition, Peggy added some wooden dowels to give a fuller look.

wyngate bottletree 3






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Innovative Design for Wooden Bottletree

Bottletree - St Marys Road 1We recently received these photos of an amazing Hillsborough bottletree from Mr. Robert Crabtree, who built this structure in his backyard, off of St. Mary’s Road. It is 12 feet tall, 8 feet wide, and is made up of 301 bottles!!!

This is one of the most interesting bottletree original designs we’ve seen, as it is not a live tree, and it’s not a welded metal tree.  We love the large scale, and the symmetry, and the colors.

At first it reminded us of a totem pole, and then we thought it also looks a little like a robot that’s been electrified. 🙂  What does it remind you of?

Thanks for sending these pictures in to us! We really appreciate it!

Bottletree - St  Marys Road (2)

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Blue Bottles Sparkle Against Hillsborough’s Winter Wonderland

More enchanting snowy bottletree photos arrived this week! These two were sent in by Ippy Patterson, a neighbor of Jeffery Beam and Stanley Finch, who made this soaring blue bottletree a few years ago.


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Bottletree Spotted at the NC State Fair

NC State Fair bottletree 1We enjoyed a super fun evening at the NC State Fair 2013 last night, and on our way in, we saw this classic blue bottletree made of a post and rebar “branches.”

It was with the Flower and Garden Show exhibit, which was very beautiful too. Has anyone else seen this at the Fair?

NC State Fair bottletree 2


NC State Fair bottletree 3

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Two Bottletrees from One

Arthur Minnis Rd 1A reader recently sent us these photos of his two bottletrees, one all-blue and about 15 feet tall, and the other amethyst, red, orange, and green, and about 4 feet tall.

Both trees were made from a dead cedar on the owners’ property, which they cut down and relocated to their gardens. The smaller tree is actually the top of the bigger tree! The owners, Stanley Finch and Jeffery Beam, trimmed the top off in order to make the first tree a reachable height, and in the process they got two bottletrees out of one.

Many of the blue bottles on the tall one are actually California olive oil bottles, and we think they are a beautiful color and shape and give the tree a unique character.

The amethyst bottles on the shorter tree are from a flea market near Linville, and the rest of the collection has been assembled from various searching around and donations from friends.

You can find these trees at 3212 Arthur Minnis Road, in western Orange County. Many thanks to Stanley and Jeffery for reading and contributing to the bottletree project!

Arthur Minnis Rd 2

Arthur Minnis Rd 3

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Cedar bottletree in Chapel Hill

Wyrick St cedar bottletree 1Driving through a beautiful, artsy neighborhood in Chapel Hill we happened across this beautiful cedar bottletree on Wyrick St. We spoke with its creator Bruce, who let us take a few pictures. We love the variety of bottles on this tree, and the lovely way it’s nestled in the garden.


Wyrick St cedar bottletree 2

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Mother’s Day Bottletree with Wisteria Flair

Dogwood Acres Bottletree Chapel HillWe enjoyed seeing this unique bottletree/birdhouse in Dogwood Acres in Chapel Hill, and we found out that the owner of this tree received it as a Mother’s Day present a few years ago! What a great idea!

You can see that this tree is also covered in wisteria vine, which blooms out in the spring and almost completely hides the bottles. What a lovely, ever-changing, seasonal bottletree.

Thank you to Deb for sending in the picture!

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