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OHS Art Student + Monet + Bottletrees = AMAZING!

This Fall at Orange High School, the visual arts students did a unit on the techniques of Monet and other French Impressionist painters, and the students were asked to choose a subject for an impressionist painting.

One student, Mia Maxwell in Mrs. Elizabeth Dell-Jones’s art class, chose a bottletree as her subject. Mia had seen the bottletree exhibit at the Botanical Gardens in Chapel Hill, and other bottletrees displayed in Hillsborough, and says she was “in love with how the light seemed to dance from all the different colored bottles.”

Check out the original at the Botanical Gardens, and check out Mia’s interpretation. As with many impressionist works, the painting seems magically illuminated and even more dazzling than the original!

You can see Mia’s beautiful painting at the student art exhibit in the lobby of Orange High School, up until the end of November. We loved seeing all the students’ inspiring artwork.



“Orange County Bottle Tree” by Mia Maxwell, 2014

NC Botanical Garden blue bottle tree


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Bottletree spotted on quadrant 7! (Whatever that means.)

Take a look at this beautiful bottletree on Caine St in Hillsborough.  Our “staff photographer” (Emma)  went and took these photos today (with permission.. yeah we don’t go messing around in people’s gardens without them knowing about it.)

This is a great example of a mostly-blue bottletree. Cobalt blue is considered the most prized and lucky color bottle to use.

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