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Hillsborough Arts Council Gallery Bottletree

Blue bottletree at Hillsborough Arts Council

New York may have their Macy’s windows, but we have the Hillsborough Arts Council Gallery!

Fall brings the wonderful “Last Friday” events in Hillsborough to a seasonal close, and last night’s music- and art-filled event was a fitting finale to another wonderful year of celebrating the arts in Hillsborough.

Strolling down historic Churton Street, we were drawn to the glittering lights of the beautiful Hillsborough Arts Council Gallery. Featured in their window was a blue bottletree!  This particular one had the curvy, organic signature stamp of Jeremy Stollings, and – yes – this is a sample of his work.

The best thing about this exhibit, however, is the big tree’s smaller cousins. Let’s say you have a small yard, or an apartment balcony, or a shared space of one kind or another. You can still enjoy the mystical beauty of a miniature bottletree.

Check out these smaller trees — one even has tiny little bottles. And you might gain some inspiration from the use of copper buckets of sand if you want an easy, removable installation. A bottletree for every yard!

Miniature Bottletrees by Jeremy Stollings

Miniature Bottletrees by Jeremy Stollings

Rusted Roots photo Indoor Hillsborough Arts Council bottletree Hillsborough Arts Council Gallery window

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