Bottletree Birthday Gift

We got a wonderful boost this past week when the Hillsborough Visitors Center posted a link to our blog on their Facebook page. What a difference a day makes! We got quite a few new visitors to our blog, and lots of friendly emails in our inbox. More than, oh, say, 3 or 4 clicks in one day is big news for us. 🙂  A warm welcome to all our new visitors and subscribers, and THANK YOU very much!

One of our new readers sent in the sweetest photo of the bottletree her husband built her for her birthday. Stephanie and Patrick live in the Wildwood neighborhood of Hillsborough, and this is what Stephanie told us:

Here is my bottle tree made by my husband. Patrick is a welder and made this for my birthday because I had been in love with them for years. Every year I told him how I would love to have one in our yard and finally we found one at the Museum of Life and Science that we both loved. From there we found the design that we both liked. He welded it together in our backyard. Just in time for my birthday!

This tree is a wonderful example of the strong tradition of people making self-designed bottletrees, whether out of upcycled materials, fallen or dead trees, driftwood, or if you’re lucky  enough to be married to a welder — welded metal!  We love the personal expression of bottletrees, which makes each one unique.

bottletree-wildwood neighborhood

Thank you, Stephanie and Patrick for the beautiful and romantic photo. We hope you enjoy your tree for many years to come!


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