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Bottletrees highlighted in Hillsborough’s annual “Spirit Tour”

ghostsoldierIt is said that Hillsborough is haunted, and it certainly was filled with ghosts last Saturday night! The Alliance for Historic Hillsborough and the Orange Community Players teamed up to present a unique twist on your typical historic ghost walk, presenting an elaborately staged Spirits of Hillsborough Haunted Walking Tour.

The tour was brought to life by a host of ghostly apparitions, including historic figures such as Edmund Fanning and Mary Goddard Kollock Nash; the ghost of a fallen Confederate soldier; a despicable ne-er-do-well who died in a fight over a liquor still; and other colorful characters risen from the dead. Along the way we were spooked several times by wayward zombies, too!

Most especially, we were excited to hear the ghost of Mrs. Nash educate the tour group on the legends of bottletrees and how they can help trap “haints.”  She also told us about “haint blue” and how it is painted on the porches of many houses in the South to prevent ghosts from entering homes.

Thank you Historic Hillsborough for being such a fun place to live! Stay tuned for news about next year’s tour… this year all the slots sold out well in advance of show time, and we saw lots of people turned away at the door.  All photos by Alliance for Historic Hillsborough

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