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All-blue glass and rebar tree in nearby Person County

Thanks very much to Patty in Roxboro who sent in a picture of her bottletree. We think this one looks the most like a REAL tree of many that we have come across. That’s a lot of blue bottles!  Here’s what she says about her tree:

“I have been fascinated with bottle trees since I was a child and saw my first one in Missouri.  My husband scraped the bark off of a downed tree and then shellac’ed it, then drilled the holes and cut the rebar for my bottles.  The recycling center in Roxboro was gracious enough to save them for me.”

We think shellacking the tree was a smart move! We’ll have to file that away for future reference. A lot of people say that they like the look of wood trees but they don’t last as well as metal. We bet the shellac will help with that. blue bottle tree roxboro person county

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Colorful Bottletree is like a Christmas tree all year ’round

Colorful bottletree in Carrboro 1This gorgeous, colorful bottletree was originally in Hillsborough on Cameron Street, but the family moved to Carrboro and relocated the tree to their new home (one benefit of having a metal tree).

We like the amazing variety of colors on the tree, and we especially love this picture of it in the snow. Just beautiful!

The tree was built by a metal artist in Raleigh, and was a gift to the family from their mother, who has her own bottletree in Burlington, NC. Two generations of bottletrees!

Thanks so much to Elisabeth for sending in these lovely pictures.

Colorful bottletree in Carrboro 2

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