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Map of Orange County Bottletrees

Here are all of the bottletrees we’ve found so far. (Not all of these are on the blog yet.) If you know of any we haven’t put on the map, please let us know by e-mailing us at hillsboroughbottletrees @ gmail . com. Thanks!

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Attack of the 14 Foot Bottletree!! :-D

Blue Cedar Bottle Tree, St Marys Rd areaHere is an all-blue cedar bottletree, sent in by a reader. Here’s what she said about it:

“My tree is a cedar tree from our woods, over 14 feet tall, that my husband secured in the ground packing dirt and rock.  We have collected bottles for many years and enjoy when the sunlight hits the tree about 4 pm.  All the bottles light up with sunlight and it is a beautiful sight.”

This bottletree is in a neighborhood off of St. Mary’s Road. It is so tall and elegant looking! How did they get the top bottle on there???

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