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Visit to the NC Botanical Garden — Bottletree Sighting!!

While we were walking through the NC Botanical Garden in Chapel Hill, we found an exhibit of bottletrees showing four different designs. One of them is brown, and the pattern of it is called “Alternate.” (We learned this from the info plaque in the garden.) One is blue, and the pattern is “Opposite.” One is green, and the pattern is “Whorled,” and one is clear, and the pattern is “Decussate.” Yeah, we had to look that last one up. These words are actually used to describe leaf patterns on REAL trees. Leave it to the Botanical Garden to know that!

Seeing these bottletrees was the first time we had known about these different types of “leaf” patterns. We’ll be keeping an eye out for these designs when we look at other bottletrees from now on!

There was also another decorated yard art tree… but we don’t know what it’s called. We call it “Kitchen Gadget Tree.”  What would you call it? 

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