11 Foot bottletree plus a bottle WALL!

Look at these amazing pictures sent in by Randy who has a super tall blue bottletree AND a bottle wall!  Have you ever heard of a bottle wall? Now you have! These beautiful sculptures are off of New Sharon Church Rd in northern Orange County.

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    Randy said,

    The tall bottle tree does not have as many bottles on it now, the tree limbs have sagged and we took some of the bottles off it. I have lots of blue bottles and hope to add some limbs for bottles to the tree. Looking forward to seeing more Orange County bottle trees. Have you seen the bottle tree on Schley Rd near hwy 57? My garden blog is http://www.rlephoto.blogspot.com

    • 2

      hillsboroughbottletrees said,

      Haven’t seen the one on Schley. We will check it out! Thanks! What kind of tree is your bottletree?

      • 3

        Randy said,

        Our bottle tree is an Eastern Red Cedar we found dead in the woods. We cut it down and planted it in the yard.

        • 4

          hillsboroughbottletrees said,

          Our mom says to tell you she has read your blog before because we are friends with Kimberly and we remember when you helped her out with her bee swarm. That was cool!

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