Snake intruder! Snow intruder! Bottletree attacked!!!

Ha ha just kidding, the bottletree is fine. This bottletree is a resting place for a rat snake sunning himself in the summer. In the winter, look how pretty it looks in the snow! This bottletree is made from a cedar, which is traditional. It is on Tuscarora Drive in Hillsborough.

We were extra excited to get these photos because guess whose bottletree this is? John Bemis, author of the book The Nine Pound Hammer which was the inspiration for this blog! Thank you Mr. B!

bottletree with rat snake

If you can’t see the snake, it’s the black stripe at the top.

Snowy bottletree

Here is the same bottletree in the winter.

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  1. 1

    Erika W said,

    Wow, this is undeniable proof that rat snakes are NOT evil! 🙂

  2. 2

    […] John Claude Bemis‘s book, “The Nine Pound Hammer.” (That book was actually the original inspiration for our blog, way back when!) When a young student asked for a bottletree at The Little School, […]

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