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Sparkly bottletree on Nash Street

Thank you to a reader who sent in this photo and story!

“I live on N. Nash Street in Hillsborough, NC. I spotted a bottle tree for the first time years ago on Old Hwy 86 just south of Hillsborough. I thought it was beautiful and have since wanted a tree in my yard.

Hillsborough experienced a drought a few years back which killed this cedar tree that my father Haywood Pherribo planted back in the early 90’s. I cleaned the dried needles from the tree and began collecting wine and beer bottles from friends, family, recycle bins, etc.

When I thought I had enough to make the tree full I decorated it and I really enjoy my tree! The bottles burst with brilliant colors at sunrise and sunset.” — A. Pherribo

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Snake intruder! Snow intruder! Bottletree attacked!!!

Ha ha just kidding, the bottletree is fine. This bottletree is a resting place for a rat snake sunning himself in the summer. In the winter, look how pretty it looks in the snow! This bottletree is made from a cedar, which is traditional. It is on Tuscarora Drive in Hillsborough.

We were extra excited to get these photos because guess whose bottletree this is? John Bemis, author of the book The Nine Pound Hammer which was the inspiration for this blog! Thank you Mr. B!

bottletree with rat snake

If you can’t see the snake, it’s the black stripe at the top.

Snowy bottletree

Here is the same bottletree in the winter.

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Bottletree spotted on quadrant 7! (Whatever that means.)

Take a look at this beautiful bottletree on Caine St in Hillsborough.  Our “staff photographer” (Emma)  went and took these photos today (with permission.. yeah we don’t go messing around in people’s gardens without them knowing about it.)

This is a great example of a mostly-blue bottletree. Cobalt blue is considered the most prized and lucky color bottle to use.

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Beautiful Bottletrees Spotted on Pleasant Green Rd

Our very first photos came in yesterday from a family on Pleasant Green Road in Hillsborough. The person who made these bottletrees (two of them!) made them while learning to weld from her father. That is so cool! Just in time for Father’s Day. We love these bottletrees, and actually we get to ride by them on our way home.

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Now taking photo submissions!

Ok, our blog is all launched and we are ready to start posting photos. We are making flyers which we will be posting around town soon, and hopefully we’ll get some exposure. Fingers crossed!  You can help us by telling your friends about us. Thanks!

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Not to be confused with….

So, the bottletrees we’re talking about are the kind that you build out of metal or wood and stick glass bottles on. NOT to be confused with either the baobab tree, or various other types of actual trees that people call bottle trees.

If you live on a very tiny planet, you don’t want these baobabs around.

Beautiful, but not made of glass.

Bottle Brush Trees from Australia

Bottle Brush Trees from Australia

Bottle Brush Trees

Last, there’s one other kind of bottle tree we’re NOT talking about.

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Welcome to Hillsborough Bottletrees

BottletreesHillsborough Bottletrees is a project started by two elementary school students in Hillsborough, NC, to locate and list all the bottletrees in our town and surrounding areas in Orange County.

If you have a bottletree and want to be included on here please contact us! If you know someone with a bottletree, please tell them about this project.

You can email us your photos, and we will upload them here for the collection. Tell us all about how you made your tree, and why, and anything else you want to share. If you don’t have any pictures, we will come and take photos for you!

You can contact us at  More information and FAQ on our About page.

Thank you!

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